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When can I schedule my lesson?

Once you send an email to SCHEDULE A LESSON, you will receive a response within 48 hours to discuss scheduling.


How does payment work?

If you are doing ‘in-person’ lessons, please bring cash for the full amount, to be paid after the lesson concludes.

If you are doing Skype lessons, once we receive your email from the SCHEDULE A LESSON form,  we will respond for more information regarding payment. Skype lessons have to be paid before the lesson.

Additional transaction fees will be included into the price of the lesson.


Can I record my lesson?

Yes, it’s up to you! Video or audio recording is fine, but please do not upload or let anyone else have a copy without written permission.


Where will the lessons be?

Lessons will be in the Boston, MA area, further details will be arranged with you once a lesson has been scheduled.


What would the curriculum be?

The curriculum will be completely tailored to you as an individual, your goals, ability and whichever aspects you would like to focus on.

Can I extend my lesson, during the lesson?

Yes you may, subject to scheduling. Full payment has to be made after the lesson concludes.


How advanced a player must I be?

As long as you’re passionate and serious about expanding your musical horizons, you can be of any level, we all start somewhere right?


Can I do group lessons?

Yes. Indicate in the "Tell me about yourself" section on the SCHEDULE A LESSON form, that you would like to do group lessons. However, it is recommended to keep the group to two people, to get the most out of each lesson.

Can I schedule a lesson while you’re on tour in my city?

Most of time, tour scheduling can be very tight, but if there is a situation that works I’ll be more than happy to. Include the city that you live in that I will be touring to in the SCHEDULE A LESSON form and we will try to make it work. If the tour schedule doesn't permit, Skype lessons are a good alternative.


Can I do a lesson at my house?

No, but exceptions can be made. Please include the information on the SCHEDULE A LESSON form.

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