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1 hour - 120 USD

2 hour - 200 USD



1 hour - 100 USD

2 hour - 180 USD

For serious and advanced students, it is recommended that you do a 2 hour lesson, as a lot more can be covered in that time frame. However, it is not recommended to do 3 hours, there might be too much information to take in and you want to get the most out of each lesson.

The lessons are completely tailored to the students ability, goals and pace. In the first lesson, I would spend the first 30 mins (not included in the lesson time) to find out more about you, your goals and what you would like to get out of the lessons. The lessons are about you, and how you want to expand yourself musically and artistically.

You may prepare a piece of music to play for me in the pre-lesson.


Here are some examples of things we would cover in our time together. Again, it's completely up to you!

Guitar Harmony

Basic Guitar Techniques

Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques

Music Theory for Guitar

Stage Performance

Song and Compositional Appreciation and Analysis

and more!

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